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Welcome to Rentokil Hygiene

In Belgium and Luxembourg, Rentokil Hygiene has been known as the expert of hygienic and technical maintenance. We make sure people are protected against the harmful effects of poor hygiene by deep cleaning sanitary facilities and commercial kitchens, by cleaning air-conditioning and grease extraction systems, specialist cleaning and controlling and fighting Legionella. This is our way of contributing to a safe, pleasant and healthy working and living environment with less sickness absence. Discover today how our reliable and unique service can help you.

Our services in Belgium and Luxembourg

Washroom Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning of sanitary facilities

In order to guarantee clean and properly performing sanitary facilities, Rentokil Hygiene conducts both deep cleaning and technical maintenance.

Dieptereiniging grootkeukens

Deep cleaning of commercial kitchens

In order to achieve maximum hygiene, the professionals of Rentokil Hygiene deep-clean the kitchen, in addition to the daily cleaning process.

Reiniging vetafzuigsysteem

Cleaning of grease extraction systems

In order to guarantee maximum fire safety, our professionals regularly clean the entire extraction system of your kitchen.

Reiniging luchtbehandelingssysteem

Cleaning the air-conditioning system

In order to realise a healthy indoor climate, we clean the air-conditioning system of your building.

Specifieke reiniging

Specialist cleaning

Rentokil Hygiene offers a solution for every specific cleaning need.

Koeltechnische reiniging

Refrigeration cleaning

Call us in to clean refrigeration equipment so as to guarantee maximum performance.

Air Pur

Air Pur

We offer an effective solution to avoid the presence of unpleasant and stale air, the Air Pur.

Elektrostatische reiniging

Electrostatic Cleaning

Our air purification appliances purify soiled indoor air.

Legionellapreventie en –bestrijding

Preventing and fighting Legionella

Rentokil Hygiene helps you to control the risk of Legionella infection and to fight it where necessary.

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