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Health, safety and the environment form an integral part of our company culture and services. In order to safeguard this, we have set up a SCC**-certified safety management system. Furthermore, all our members of staff hold a basic safety certificate. Operational supervisors also hold the special SCC safety certificate for operational supervisors. They continue to receive training through relevant courses.

We have set up task hazard analyses so as to guarantee the safety of your and our own staff. These analyses have been set out in an extensive manual. In addition, all our members of staff have been trained according to the new LMRA (Last Minute Risk Analysis) concept. Furthermore, a HSE project plan is prepared for special projects, as a result of which accidents and damage can be prevented. Our members of staff always wear personal protective equipment such as safety goggles, shoes and gloves. We organise internal audits and HSE inspections on a regular basis. We check if the work onsite or at the branches is carried out according to the rules. Our focus on safety offers assurance and safeguards the continuity of your business operations.

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