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The environment

As an internationally renowned business, Rentokil Hygiene takes responsibility to minimise the environmental burden. This responsibility forms a vital element in our 'Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)' policy. This policy document focuses on the safety of every person's working and living environment.

We want to reduce the environmental burden to a minimum. That is why we continuously make decisions about the methods needed to do our work. All our cleaning agents meet the statutory environmental standards. The use of these agents has dropped thanks to training given to our members of staff. The active ingredients have also been reduced, and new packaging has reduced wasting.

Another important objective of our environmental policy is to reduce water consumption during our work. In addition, our members of staff have been trained to reduce fuel consumption on the road. Finally, we devote a lot of attention to separate waste collection and management.

In order to check if the work onsite and at the various branches is carried out in accordance with the rules, we regularly organise internal audits and HSE inspections.

Material Safety Data Sheets

If you are looking for more information on the cleaning agents we use in the form of Material Safety Data Sheets, click here to view them.