Rentokil Hygiene: specialists in hygienic and technical maintenance

Values and company culture

The flat organisational structure of Rentokil Hygiene ensures customers receive adequate assistance fast. Our organisation has short lines of communication. Responsibilities are organised at local level. We also encourage ownership among our members of staff through training and coaching on the work floor.

We focus on the continuous improvement of our services. By structurally conducting customer satisfaction surveys we are able to tackle and improve any bottlenecks.

Important values are:

  • Putting the customer first
  • Building up a solid long-term relationship with the customer, based on mutual trust and commitment
  • Offering a solution to any specific hygiene issue the customer may have, by offering a reliable and effective service
  • Expert and professional members of staff
  • Guaranteeing safety: both for our customers' members of staff and our own personnel
  • Structural optimisation of the quality of our services
  • Protecting the environment
About Rentokil Hygiene

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