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Why Rentokil Hygiene

Good hygiene is important to businesses and organisations, yours undoubtedly included. After all, the safety and wellbeing of those using your building is the main thing. Rentokil Hygiene is the perfect partner for the realisation of a hygienic working or residential environment. When you opt for Rentokil Hygiene as your partner, you opt for a phenomenally strong combination of expertise and years of experience. Our organisation is unique for a number of reasons.

Specialist in hygienic and technical maintenance

Our business is known as the number one specialist in hygienic and technical maintenance. Work processes, resources and equipment have been developed in such a way that we will achieve the best results when deep-cleaning your sanitary facilities, commercial kitchens, air-conditioning or grease extraction systems. All our members of staff are highly knowledgeable professionals with years of experience. They also receive continuous training and are kept up-to-date of the latest developments that affect them.

Unique combination of hygienic and technical maintenance

Alongside our sanitary facilities services, we also offer the unique combination of cleaning and technical maintenance. The combination of deep cleaning and technical maintenance of sanitary objects is unique in the market. This guarantees your sanitary facilities continue to perform the way they should. For you as a customer, this means you don't have to worry about the maintenance of sanitary facilities. It is convenient and saves you costs; after all, you no longer have to call in a plumber if you have a problem.

It's all about quality

In our opinion, quality is key, as our customers should only expect the best. Quality is key at our customers, and so it is in our services. That is why we continuously invest in our people and working methods, by logging everything we do in work descriptions and procedures. We also invest in keeping our knowledge and skills in the field of hygiene up-to-date. You, our customer, are guaranteed constant quality and reliability.

Safety first

The safety of yourself and our staff comes first when we are on the job. That is why we pay a lot of attention to safety on the work floor, to preventing damage and protecting the environment. In order to safeguard safety we set up our safety management system, which is SCC**-certified. Furthermore, all our members of staff hold a basic safety certificate. Operational supervisors also hold the special SCC safety certificate for operational supervisors. For you, our care for safety means security, less damage and continuity of the work process.

Part of the global Rentokil group of companies

Our organisation forms part of Rentokil which, with 70,000 members of staff in 50 different countries, is one of the world's largest service providers. It is globally known for its reliable and high-quality services. When you enter into collaboration with Rentokil Hygiene, you can rest assured to be enjoying the best facilities services and reliability of a global concern.

National cover

Throughout Belgium and Luxembourg you can count on the knowhow of Rentokil Hygiene. Whether your business has one or several branches, you can always count on the quality of our deep-cleaning service. There is always a service engineer near you to resolve blockages or other defects to your sanitary facilities within 24 hours.

About Rentokil Hygiene

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