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Hygiene is very important at schools and universities. Students and staff deserve the best protection. Surface-cleaning hardly ever offers sufficient levels of safety.

Our reliable service helps you to safeguard good hygiene at educational institution. In addition to the daily cleaning process, we also deep clean sanitary facilities. This prevents the build-up of urinary salts, faecal residues and corrosion and scale in difficult to reach places. Smells, technical breakdowns and blockages don't stand a chance. Our service engineers also offer a solution against vandalism and the improper use of sanitary objects. Blockages and defects to sanitary facilities are dealt with within 24 hours on working days.

In the educational sector, maximum indoor air quality is a hot topic at the moment. Rentokil Hygiene is the ideal party to study the hygienic condition of your air-conditioning system. Where necessary, our sales consultants will help you to draw up an action plan to improve air quality.

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