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Hygiene and safety are of the essence in an industrial environment. They influence the continuity of the production process. The quality of manufactured products must furthermore meet quality standards such as HACCP, BRC and GMP and is therefore regularly checked against these standards.

With its services in the field of deep cleaning and specialist maintenance, Rentokil Hygiene offers valuable support to businesses in the industrial sector. Our high level of knowledge ensures you do not have to worry about the hygienic condition of your sanitary facilities, commercial kitchens, air-conditioning or grease extraction systems. We also automatically indicate when the next service is due. As all our members of staff hold the basic safety certificate you can count on all the work to be carried out safely. This creates calm, so you can focus on your day-to-day tasks.

Rentokil Hygiene has a lot of experience with all sorts of industrial businesses. We are strongly represented in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and non-food businesses. As such, we know exactly what the specific requirements in your sector are. In addition to deep cleaning, you can also rely on us for industrial cleaning or the prevention and fighting of Legionella.

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