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A pleasant and safe working and residential environment for your staff and visitors contributes to productivity, comfort and satisfaction. A healthy working environment also positively affects the corporate image.

With its extensive range of hygienic maintenance services, Rentokil Hygiene will happily assist you in realising this clean and safe environment. Deep cleaning sanitary facilities and commercial kitchens is a good addition to the daily cleaning process. It enables your staff and visitors to continue to use the sanitary facilities safely, and to enjoy the delicious snacks in your corporate restaurant. This prevents unnecessary irritation and increases job satisfaction.

We can also contribute to a healthy indoor climate. This will prevent complaints such as irritating eyes, dizziness and loss of concentration. We gladly set out the condition of the air-conditioning system in your building by means of our extensive audits. We will then sit down with you to prepare an action plan. Our members of staff go about their cleaning activities without you being disturbed. Thanks to their training, they are used to giving advice in order to achieve even higher levels of hygiene.

We will be happy to tell you about the benefits of our services. Interested? Call us on 0800-25123.

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