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Deep cleaning of commercial kitchens

Snacks and meals for members of staff and visitors are prepared in the kitchen of your corporate restaurant on a daily basis. The intensive use of equipment demands good hygienic maintenance. In order to realise this, the Rentokil Hygiene specialists carry out a deep cleaning process, which is done in addition to your HACCP plan. We can also provide you with all sorts of materials such as fire blankets, taps, wash basins and glass plates.



With our years of experience and service provision in the field of industrial kitchen hygiene, we can make an important addition to your HACCP plan.

Deep cleaning necessary in addition to daily maintenance

Regular daily maintenance is not enough to achieve maximum hygiene. Dirt, grease and dust also deposit in, underneath and behind kitchen appliances. These are places that can often not be reached during daily maintenance. In order to achieve maximum hygiene, deep cleaning is required on top of the daily cleaning process. During this periodic and thorough cleaning, kitchen appliances are removed, cleaned and put back again. This way, built-up dirt is removed in those hard to reach places too. We may also disinfect the kitchen if necessary.

Why have your kitchen deep cleaned?

  • A healthier working and living environment thanks to maximum hygiene
  • A good addition to the HACCP plan
  • It increases fire safety
  • Kitchen staff will be more productive
  • A longer lifespan of and lower energy consumption by equipment
  • It makes the daily cleaning process easier
  • Pest control

We help you realise maximum commercial kitchen hygiene

As a prominent deep cleaning specialist, Rentokil Hygiene is the ideal party to improve kitchen hygiene. Thanks to our specialism and years of experience, we know exactly how to clean kitchen appliances and improve their lifespan. This will protect your members of staff and guests against the harmful effects of poor hygiene. Call us today on 0800-25123.

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