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Reiniging van het vetafzuigsysteem

Cleaning the grease extraction systems

A dirty extraction system in the kitchen of your business or organisation increases the risk of fire considerably. Grease, dust and other dirt act as fuel in the event of a fire in your business. When that happens, the flames shoot up the extraction ducts, which are perfect conductors because of the dirt. In many cases, this leads to major fires with serious consequences. By cleaning the entire extraction system, Rentokil Hygiene's specialists ensure this risk is reduced to a minimum.

Audit van het vetafzuigsysteem

Inspecting the grease extraction system

Our experts map out the hygienic condition of your extraction system on the basis of an extensive visual inspection.

A clean extraction system in the kitchen is vital for fire safety

So as to guarantee maximum fire safety, it is necessary to periodically clean the entire extraction system, comprising the ventilator, ducts and range hood. This removes grease, dust and other dirt, thereby reducing the fire hazard. After the system has been cleaned, we will give you a certificate to prove that the system was cleaned in accordance with prevailing standards.

Why have the kitchen extraction system cleaned?

  • It reduces the fire hazard
  • You will meet insurers' requirements
  • Maximum kitchen hygiene
  • Improved air quality
  • A longer lifespan of and lower energy consumption by equipment

You can rely on us for the thorough cleaning of your extraction system

As a hygiene specialist, Rentokil Hygiene can guarantee the fire safety in your kitchen, so you will meet all the requirements of insurers and fire brigade. By removing the dirt, you can rest assured that your kitchen is a clean and safe working environment. Do you want to have the grease extraction system in your kitchen cleaned? Call us on 0800-25123 or click on the contact form.

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