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Inspecting the grease extraction system

Audit van het vetafzuigsysteem

Do you want to know if the hygienic condition of your kitchen extraction system poses a risk in terms of fire safety? Rentokil Hygiene's expert sales consultants can map out the entire system on the basis of an extensive visual inspection. This way, we can establish if the system is dirty, and if so to what extent. The results of this visual inspection are presented to you by way of a transparent report, complete with pictures. Should we find any dirt during our inspection, we will sit down with you to draw up an action plan in order to remove it.

Want to find out about the hygienic condition of the grease extraction system in your kitchen? Our fire safety professionals will be happy to assist you in this. Call us on 0800-25123 to make a no-obligation appointment.

Reiniging van het vetafzuigsysteem

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