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Air Pur

Air Pur

Unpleasant or musty smells in sanitary facilities, changing rooms and conference rooms are a nuisance for many people. Rentokil Hygiene offers an effective solution in the form of Air Pur. This deodoriser, which works on the basis of ozone, purifies the air and prevents odour nuisance.

Air Pur guarantees pure and fresh air in different user zones

The Air Pur unit, which was designed especially for us, ensures you can always enjoy fresh and clean air. The unit can be used in any room with unpleasant smells. Air Pur is more than just an air freshener. It destroys air-borne bacteria and guarantees a pure indoor climate. As the unit works on the basis of ozone, there is no need for perfume refills; the Air Pur is always reliable and will continue to work effectively.

We help you to get rid of unpleasant smells

In order to guarantee fresh and clean indoor air, our specialist members of staff install the Air Pur units wherever you need them. Not only will our people ensure they are installed correctly, they will also maintain them on a regular basis. This way, you can always count on fresh air. Want to find out if Air Pur could be the solution to your specific situation? We will be happy to visit you for no-obligation consultation. Contact us on 0800-25123 or via the contact form.

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