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Elektrostatische reiniging

Electrostatic Cleaning

Minute dust particles, pollen, house dust mite and harmful bacteria negatively affect the indoor climate. This is a problem that occurs in all business sectors. Toxic industrial fumes, tobacco smoke and ink toners affect air quality. This may lead to all sorts of problems such as headaches, irritating eyes and airways, fatigue, loss of concentration and even asthma. They harm the wellbeing and health of your building users. In order to prevent this, and to further optimise the indoor climate, Rentokil Hygiene offers effective and innovative solutions in the form of air purification units.

We offer an effective solution for contaminated indoor air

Air purifiers offer a reliable solution for indoor air that is contaminated by, for instance, tobacco smoke. Regardless of the sector, Rentokil Hygiene will help you to resolve your issues in terms of contaminated indoor air. Using sophisticated equipment, the indoor air in your building is purified, enabling its users to enjoy a comfortable climate again. As a specialist, Rentokil Hygiene also takes care of the maintenance of these units.

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