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Preventing and fighting Legionella

Legionellapreventie en –beheersing

In order to assist you in preventing infections, Rentokil Hygiene offers an extensive service in the field of preventing and fighting Legionella. We provide the following services:

Water sampling

Our specialist members of staff take water samples from your water supply system. A recognised laboratory checks these samples for the number of colony-forming units (CFUs) of Legionella bacteria. The results of these tests are documented in an extensive report, giving you a clear idea of the current state of your water supply system.


Rentokil Hygiene checks your water supply system for any risks. We look at how the pipes run and identify critical points. When necessary, we propose and make modifications to the system and pipes.

Preparing management plans

By law, a number of businesses and organisations must prepare a management plan. Furthermore, they need to have their water supply systems checked at least twice a year. Among others, this applies to hospitals and other care institutions, penal institutions, asylum centres, residential accommodation, swimming pools and saunas. Rentokil Hygiene can assist you in that respect. Our experts prepare a management plan and monitor your entire water supply system. They take water samples, conduct risk analyses and make modifications to the system. They also inspect the system on a regular basis.

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Legionellapreventie en –bestrijding

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