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Specifieke reiniging

Specialist cleaning

Rentokil Hygiene has a lot of experience with all sorts of specialist cleaning work. As such, we have built up an enormous amount of knowledge over the years. We aim to offer a solution for every specific cleaning need. To enable us to do so, our members of staff use the most sophisticated cleaning equipment, they receive continuous training and they are always aware of relevant developments. You can count on us in extreme situations too, such as post-death cleaning, disinfecting neglected houses

Specifieke reiniging in extreme gevallen

Specialist cleaning in extreme situations

Rentokil Hygiene offers a unique and reliable cleaning service for extreme situations.

Industriële reiniging

Industrial cleaning

We offer a total package of cleaning services for industrial systems.

Verwijderen van duivenpoep

Removal of bird droppings

Our thorough and efficient bird dropping-removal approach prevents health risks and damage to your building.

Special jobs

Special jobs

Every client has a unique cleaning issue. Being the number one in terms of hygiene, Rentokil Hygiene fully understands this.

Koeltechnische reiniging

Refrigeration cleaning

Call us in to clean refrigeration equipment so as to guarantee maximum performance.

Offshore Cleaning

On and offshore cleaning

As experts in the field of specialist cleaning, Rentokil Hygiene has a lot of experience with on and offshore cleaning.

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