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Industrial cleaning

Industriële reiniging

Rentokil Hygiene has a wide range of cleaning solutions for both the light and heavy industry. We offer a total package of cleaning services for industrial systems. Our extensive experience in this sector enables us to offer you a perfect service.

We offer sophisticated cleaning services for specific situations

Every industrial business has its own specific cleaning needs. In order to meet that need, Rentokil Hygiene uses the most sophisticated cleaning equipment. Together with you, we determine how the work is to be carried out without interrupting the daily procedures. Our SCC** certificate guarantees the work is carried out safely, so you do not have to carry out any safety checks beforehand.

What can we do in terms of industrial cleaning?

Among other things, our extensive package of cleaning services comprises silo cleaning, cleaning at heights and cleaning machines and systems. We also clean storage facilities and tanks.

Contact Rentokil Hygiene to have your industrial objects cleaned

Our knowledge, sophisticated cleaning methods and reliable services make us the ideal party for industrial cleaning. Are you interested in talking to one of our specialist sales consultants? Call us on 0800-25123.

Specialist Cleaning

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