On and offshore cleaning

Offshore Cleaning

As experts in the field of specialist cleaning, Rentokil Hygiene has a lot of experience with on and offshore cleaning. We know that cleaning jobs in such environments demand speed and safety. After all, hazardous substances and a considerable physical burden pose an increase risk on oil rigs, ships and tankers. Our SCC*-certified safety management system has been set up with this in mind. Our members of staff receive continuous training aimed at working safely in situations such as this. By focusing on safety and thanks to our extensive expertise in this field, we are the ideal partner for on and offshore cleaning.

We offer a safe and specialist cleaning service for the on and offshore sectors

The following fall under our on and offshore cleaning services:

  • The cleaning of oil rigs
  • The cleaning of ships
  • The cleaning of tankers
  • The cleaning of offshore equipment
  • The cleaning of drilling equipment
  • Combating the NORO virus

You can count on Rentokil Hygiene for on and offshore cleaning

Whether it concerns the cleaning of plant rooms, of air-conditioning systems or other cleaning jobs on ships, tankers or oil rigs, you can always count on Rentokil Hygiene. Want to find out what we can do for you? Contact us on 0800-25123. Our specialists are ready for you.

Offshore Cleaning

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