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Refrigeration cleaning

Refrigeration equipment must be cleaned on a regular basis so as to guarantee maximum performance. It improves the distribution of cold air and ensures that the refrigeration equipment retains its effectiveness. The high yield of the system also leads to energy savings. With its specific knowledge and experience in this area, Rentokil Hygiene is the ideal partner to carry this out for you.

Reinigen van aircosystemen

The cleaning of air-conditioning systems

You can count on our reliable cleaning services for air-conditioning systems in order to prevent bacteria, mould and unpleasant smells.

Reinigen verdampers

The cleaning of evaporators

By cleaning the evaporators in your cold store, we tackle refrigeration issues at the source.

Reinigen van condensors

The cleaning of condensers

In order to be able to guarantee maximum performance of the condenser, we carry out hygienic maintenance on a regular basis.

Reinigen koeltorens

The cleaning of cooling towers

You can count on us to clean and disinfect cooling towers, reducing the build-up of algae and Legionella.

We offer a specialist cleaning service for refrigeration equipment

Rentokil Hygiene's specialists guarantee maximum refrigeration and hygiene by cleaning your refrigeration equipment and parts. Thanks to our specialism and extensive knowledge in this area, we will be happy to clean evaporators, condensers, cooling towers, cold stores and air-conditioning systems.

You can count on Rentokil Hygiene to have your refrigeration equipment cleaned

Rentokil Hygiene offers the necessary knowledge and experience, combined with sophisticated cleaning methods, to successfully clean refrigeration equipment. Thanks to our effective cleaning methods, we can guarantee maximum return, reduced energy consumption and a longer lifespan of your equipment. If you want to find out more about the possibilities of having your equipment cleaned, contact us on 0800-25123.

Specialist Cleaning

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