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Removal of bird droppings

Verwijderen van duivenpoep

The roofs and walls of many buildings in Belgium and Luxembourg are covered in droppings from, for example, pigeons and seagulls. These bird droppings are a major nuisance to many of us. Not only are they unpleasant to look at, they often also contain dangerous and corrosive bacteria. Bird droppings must be removed so as to prevent health risks and to fight the corrosive action of bacteria.

We offer an effective service for the removal of bird droppings

As a prominent hygiene specialist, Rentokil Hygiene has a lot of experience with removing bird droppings. Our expert members of staff are trained in removing this pollution from the most awkward places.

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Our thorough and effective approach for removing bird droppings will protect your building against harmful effects. Your building looks better and bacteria will have no chance to cause a health risk. Want to find out what Rentokil Hygiene can do for you? Contact us on 0800-25123.

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