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Specialist cleaning in extreme situations

Specifieke reiniging in extreme gevallen

Rentokil Hygiene offers a unique and reliable cleaning service for extreme situations, such as post-death cleaning, disinfecting neglected houses and clearing drugs needles. This service enables us to carry out highly specialist jobs safely, reliably and well. Among others, we work for governments, authorities and housing associations.

For what extreme situations can you call us?

We offer a professional and reliable service for (nearly) every situation. You can rely on us for cleaning services after a death, suicide or other incidents. We can also completely empty and disinfect neglected houses, and we offer protection against the NORO virus, MRSA, swine flu and other bio-emergencies. You can also call our expert members of staff to remove drugs needles.

Call in Rentokil Hygiene for a reliable solution to extreme situations

As a specialist cleaning company, Rentokil Hygiene knows how important it is to take effective and quick action in extreme situations. Our professional members of staff are therefore ready for you. They guarantee a reliable and safe solution to any problem. Call us on 0800-25123 for more information.

Specialist Cleaning

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