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Cleaning the air-conditioning system

A healthy indoor climate is important for the comfort and productivity of the people who work there. In order to achieve a healthy climate, the professionals of Rentokil Hygiene will ensure your air-conditioning system is in a perfect hygienic condition. We use the most sophisticated cleaning methods for that. We can also recondition your air-conditioning system. Our extensive inspections and transparent reports will tell you more about the hygienic condition of your air-conditioning system.


Inspecting the air-conditioning system

Our extensive inspections give you a good picture of the hygienic condition of your air-conditioning system.


Cleaning of the ventilation system

Cleaning of the ventilation system

The risks of a dirty air-conditioning system

A good indoor climate is vital for the wellbeing of those who use your buildings. Temperature, humidity and the speed and quality of the air that comes out of the air-conditioning system are all relevant for a good indoor climate. It is therefore important to have this system maintained. This will prevent the Sick Building Syndrome, with complaints such as headaches, irritating eyes, dizziness and loss of concentration. A healthy indoor climate leads to lower sickness absence levels and higher productivity among your staff.

Achieving a clean air-conditioning system

We will clean the entire system, which comprises the air-conditioning unit, the air ducts, grilles and all other parts. We can also recondition the air-conditioning units for you. The system is extensively inspected beforehand and we may conduct a microbiological study in order for us to give you the best possible advice.

Why have the air-conditioning system cleaned?

  • Healthy indoor climate
  • Reduced sickness absence levels
  • Increased productivity among staff
  • Reduced fire hazard
  • A longer lifespan of and lower energy consumption by the system

You can rely on us for the cleaning of your air-conditioning system

You can rely on our expertise in achieving maximum indoor air quality. As a prominent business, we use the latest technologies to bring your system back to a perfect condition. Want to find out about the hygienic condition of your air-conditioning system? Our air quality professionals will be happy to assist you in this. Call us on 0800-25123 or click on the contact form.

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