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Inspecting the air-conditioning system


Want to find out about the hygienic condition of the air-conditioning system in your building? Our air quality professionals will be happy to inspect the entire system. The system in your building is spot-checked by means of an endoscopic inspection. The results thereof are presented in a transparent report, complete with clear pictures and/or video images. Our consultants then offer you customised advice on the basis of those results. We can, if necessary, also conduct a robot inspection in order to analyse the hygienic condition.

If a lot of people in your building complain about air quality, Rentokil Hygiene can, in cooperation with an independent and accredited laboratory, conduct a microbiological survey. During this survey we take samples from the air ducts and air-conditioning unit. This also applies to the air blown into the various rooms. This enables us to establish if the system emits substances that cause irritation, headaches or other symptoms. The results form the basis of an action plan for cleaning the air-conditioning system.

Want to find out about the hygienic condition of your air-conditioning system? Call 0800-25123 for an appointment with one of our specialist sales consultants.

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