Cleaning of the ventilation system

From various studies it has become clear that mechanical ventilation in a house only has an efficiency of 50% after a couple of years. Thanks to the quantity of material that accumulates in the conduits and the extraction unit, the efficiency quickly declines which causes bacteria and disease-causing microbes to be spread through the house. And when the decline in the efficiency becomes too severe, it can cause moisture-related problems, like mildew, to arise in areas like the bathroom, kitchen or WC.

Advantages of cleaning your ventilation system:

  • lower energy costs
  • less noise pollution
  • less material gets into the house
  • fewer health complaints
  • better air quality
  • higher efficiency

Rentokil attacks the matters thoroughly without clutter or junk: ventilation grills and valves, conduit and the extractor unit are professionally cleaned and disinfected.

Conduit is cleaned through the extraction openings using long hoses with brushes and vacuum suction (negative pressure). All sub-sections of the ventilation unit incl. the heat exchanger are cleaned with suitable detergents and forceful streams of compressed air.

You will receive a cleaning certificate and statement of the flow measurements at the grills.

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