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Washroom Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning of sanitary facilities

In order to guarantee clean and properly performing sanitary facilities, Rentokil Hygiene conducts both deep cleaning and technical maintenance. We can also supply and install sanitary materials, carry out plumbing jobs and refurbish your sanitary facilities. This enables you to continue to use the sanitary objects and facilities in your business.


Plumbing service

On working days, our specialists resolve blockages, breakdowns and other defects to your sanitary facilities within 24 hours of your call. They also support you with regard to other plumbing jobs.

Sanitaire materialen leveren

Sanitary materials

In addition to deep cleaning, Rentokil Hygiene can also supply materials that turn your sanitary facilities into the showpiece of your organisation.

Sanitaire ruimte verbouwen

Sanitary facilities refurbishment

Are you looking to refurbish the sanitary facilities in your business and replace the old objects with new toilets, hand basins or urinals? Our specialists will be happy to offer assistance.

Daily maintenance is not enough to achieve maximum hygiene

Daily maintenance is not enough to properly treat those hard to reach places under edges and ledges. Organic and inorganic contamination (faecal residues, urinary salts, fatty deposits, corrosion and scale) builds up in such places, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Odour nuisance, technical breakdowns and blockages are the result. In order to prevent this, you need the place to be deep cleaned.

We offer a unique combination of hygienic and technical maintenance

In order to guarantee sanitary hygiene, we carry out both deep cleaning and technical maintenance. This internally and externally cleans, descales and disinfects all elements of the sanitary facilities. Also in those hard to reach places. This includes toilets, hand basins and showers and changing rooms, including traps, pipes, consoles and the fronts and backs of mirrors and shelves.

In addition to that, all object elements are inspected. Defective parts such as traps, tap elements, aerators and outlet grilles are replaced when necessary. Urgent repairs are carried out immediately.

Free emergency repair service

If you take out a maintenance contract for at least four services per year, we offer a free emergency repair service. Blockages, leaks and other defects are dealt with within 24 hours of your call on working days.

Why have your sanitary facilities deep cleaned?

  • Lower sickness absence levels thanks to a healthier working and living environment
  • A hygienic situation where everyone feels comfortable
  • Sanitary facilities that look and smell fresh
  • A longer lifespan of sanitary facilities
  • Fewer defects to and breakdowns of the facilities

We help you realise clean and properly performing sanitary facilities

We have been providing daily sanitary deep cleaning services to businesses and organisations throughout Belgium and Luxembourg. We offer a unique combination of hygienic and technical maintenance. Do you want to opt for the convenience, cost-savings, continuity and hygiene provided by our services? Call us on 0800-25123 to make a no-obligation appointment.

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